Safety is paramount in all psychological evaluations. Sometimes safety is the referral question.



If you have a student or employee who is causing concern to your team use the contact form to arrange an initial phone call with Dr. Leite.

The first rule of threat assessment and management is - Maintain Dignity

Dr. Stephanie Leite is the principal at Forensic Intelligence, LLC. She conducts corporate, municipal and school-based safety assessments, specializing in complex presentations. All threat assessment evaluations emphasize the management portion of the process, assisting clients to manage current threat and avoid future threat, always maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. She is able to effectively work on a case-by-case basis with extant threat assessment teams requiring a mental health professional. 


Another specialty of Dr. Leite's is training. She has developed trainings on a wide range of topics such as threat and the autism spectrum, developing safe corporate culture, and decision making/bias prevention. She is available to speak on creating a culture that minimizes threat, working with personality disorders and other topics of interest. She is often told she explains complex topics in an interesting, humorous and accessible manner. 


Dr. Leite has created a day-long training for corporate executives. The training covers threat assessment and management basics, corporate bullying, case consultation, and decision making 101. It can be adapted to your individual training needs.


Dr. Leite has also created a two day training on K-12 threat assessment. Day one covers threat assessment basics and day two includes advanced topics such as autism spectrum disorders, stalking, and decision making. Both days have break outs, small group exercises, and table tops where the participants walk through the steps of assessing and managing a threat.